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The Need For Privacy

There are basically two types of people who contact us who want a Privacy driven garden.

1. Over Development - Town Houses/ Villas Next door

The trend in New South Wales in the past decade has been for urban consolidation, which means rows and rows of townhouses and villas; and block of units being built - perhaps next door to you.

One fifty year old house that had no impact on your Privacy is demolished. Six months later it is replaced with a couple of buildings and a sum total of 18 windows looking into your home and garden.

Developers will use all kinds of tricks to steal someone's privacy from them. In one case, the Applicant had used a surveyor's Document which reversed the adjacent Lot numbers. This meant that whatever legitimate concerns the two objectors in the adjacent properties wrote became complete nonsense. The same development hid the back half of one of the neighbouring houses resulting in windows looking directly into theirs.

The determination to regain your Privacy will be strong in cases like this and Private Landscapes may be able to help.

2. Neighbour Problems

In many cases, the need for Privacy is driven by bad neighbour problems.

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