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"Every Hedge has a story behind it." - Australian Proverb.

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Private Landscapes: An Introduction

Welcome to Private Landscapes - a business specialising in designing and building gardens for Privacy.

Planting for Privacy is the fastest growing market within Horticulture as the need for Privacy becomes more important in the world of urban consolidation.

Although Private Landscapes is based in the Southern suburbs of Sydney, we offer our expertise to Design a landscape for Privacy anywhere in the world. Our Service to install the garden is limited to Sydney.

Private Landscapes is a 2002 start up, being backed and founded by Australian Media Pty Ltd, one of Australia's largest non-listed Internet Media companies. Entering thie niche (but extremely fast growing) market, is literally a move by the company to diversify into grass roots businesses.

(c) Copyright 2002-2003, Private Landscapes is a wholly owned subsidiary business of
Australian Media Pty Ltd. ABN 98 091 747 723. All rights reserved.