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"A bad bush is better than an open field." - French Proverb.

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Our Favorite Trees

Cupressus Torulosa 'Bhutan Cypress' is an elegant tall growing that can be planted as a specimen by itself, or in a row to make a hedge. These can be hedged at the top to increase their thickness, and keeping them to a height of 3-4 metres.

Cupressus Torulosa
A nice row of Cupressus Torulosas.

Cupressus Torulosa
A magnificent specimen of Cupressus Torulosa

Cupressocyparis Leylandii Castlewellan Gold. Leylandii, are extremely fast growing and thick conifers. They are often used on large open farms, to create thick solid hedges and windbreaks.

Castlewellan Gold
A hedge made from Castlewellan Gold.

Cupressus Torulosa 'Arctic Green' is slightly slower growing, but thicker variant of the Cupressus Torulosa.

Cupressus Torulosa ' Arctic Green'
This hedge made from 'Artic Greens' is used to lessen the impact of brick wall.

There are many others we will shortly add to this page, but we gladly discuss with you.

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